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La Restuccia – Masseria Urban is looking for people who can join the 2024 team and become interpreters of our form of Hospitality.

La Restuccia welcomes travellers, digital nomads, creatives, and globetrotters who want to experience life in the heart of the Apulian countryside.
We are a village of 80 rooms where different brands such as Masseria Wave coexist with expositions, workshops, concerts, live sets, drag shows, radio raids, and the MOI (our restaurant and a place for meetings and shows).

La Restuccia wants to review the classic dynamics of hospitality and become the spokesperson for a Masseria open to all, with a young and dynamic team leading the way.
We want to guarantee a unique experience for young people and customers who come to Restuccia, creating a serene working environment in which there is no type of prejudice.

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